Pop Up Restaurant

Having had the idea for a restaurant specialising in brilliant pasta dishes, we came up with a plan of starting off as a pop up restaurant. This would allow us to try out our menus and give us experience in organising and running a restaurant.


We began by searching for a venue in our local area where we could run our pop up in an evening. We wanted an established cafe with space to prepare and serve our food. After looking at a few places we decided on the cafe at Heeley City Farm.


The farm is a charitable organization that works on environmental, social and educational projects for the community.  It’s a place we know quite well as we often take our children there. We like the friendly animals, the playground and the gardens. The vegetarian cafe serves home cooked foods including delicious cakes and treats and is popular with families. The staff have been very supportive of our idea from the outset and we’d like to say a big thanks to them especially to Alison, Sam and Gloria.


One thing we particularly like about the farm is that they grow a wide variety of fruits and vegetables both onsite and in other locations around Sheffield. Using their produce for our menus whenever possible fits perfectly with our philosophy of using local and seasonal ingredients.


We had our first ever pop up restaurant there on the 24th of October and we’re delighted to say that it went really well. We’re hoping to do this one Saturday every month and we’ll give you more details on our next post.


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