Springtime in a Bowl

With Springtime here our menu is beginning to look suitably green to reflect the produce in abundance at this time of year. It is the season we look forward to as the colour and freshness of flavours say goodbye to Winter and hello to a culinary new year.


Our pea soup is everything that modern cooking should be; it’s healthy, looks and tastes great, and it’s quick to make.  We’re using young peas for their sweetness and cooking them with red onions and mint. Italians have got a knack for combining fresh herbs with the right vegetables and this well known pairing of pea and mint works really well here. Drizzled with olive oil and topped with grated pecorino, it is Springtime in a bowl.


Our favourite Spring vegetable has to be the beautiful English asparagus. Although asparagus is available all year long (from Peru!) the English asparagus season only lasts from May to June. Their flavour and texture is so much better so we try to enjoy them in as many ways as possible while they are plentiful. At home we serve them dressed with butter alongside roast meats, in soups and risottos, and naturally, in pasta sauces. One of the star dishes in our May pop up restaurant is asparagus carbonara which is a mix of egg yolks, parmesan, butter, asparagus and marjoram. No need for anything else – this is a classic combination of flavours showing simple Italian cooking at its best.


We’re looking forward to our sixth pop up restaurant this weekend. We’re bringing back a few of our most popular dishes together with our seasonal fare. With the lighter evenings and warmer weather we’re sure it will be a really great evening at the farm.


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